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We are a Wholesale Butcher based in Hampstead, NW3. We supply over 100 of the top restaurants in London such as Chiltern Fire House, Goodman and Beast. We are also the owners of restaurants Lurra and Donostia W1. Please follow us on Instagram using the link below

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Dry Aged Beef Quantity Price
Galician Blond
Prime Rib (Bone In, Cap Off)
1kg £35.00
Galician Blond
Rib Roast (Bone In, Cap On)
1.2kg £38.00
Galician Blond
Rib Eye (Boneless)
500gm £30.00
Galician Blond
280gm £20.00
English Shorthorn
1kg £10.00
Pork Quantity Price
Mangalica Pork Chop
300gm £6.60
Iberico Pluma
1kg £37.50
Iberico Presa
1kg £37.50
Other Quantity Price
White Wine/Red Wine
See Below
75cl £30.00
Alhambra Reserva Beer
1925 Granada
330ml £4.50
Dark Chocolate
Colombia Arhuaco 82%
70gm £6.75
Neus Especial Olive Oil
500ml £16.00
Black Tomatoes
(Les Cailloux en Provence)
1kg £12.00

White Wine

Almirante Pionero Maccerato Albariño 2017, Rias Baixas. Made with grapes from top vineyard sites in Albarino's spiritual home Rias Baixas, this wine shows excellent typicity. The nose, a complex combina on of grapefruit, herbs, citrus and green fruits, the palate a balance of honeysuckle richness with refreshing acidity and a stony finish.

Old Happy Cows

The main characteristic of our beef is the depth of flavour. Similar to an oak aged red wine this beef has “length”, which is the period the taste persists or lingers on your palate after you taste the beef. This is the result of the breed and the age of the cow at slaughter along with the dry ageing of the beef. Our Galician and UK cows are kept in extensive systems, staying most of the year outdoors and forage feeding provided by meadows, forests and pastures. The vast majority of cattle worldwide is led to the abattoir between 18 and 30 months. The Galician and UK cattle we select are slaughtered with at least 8 years with many living for as long as 14 years old. We have an in-house grading system based on, level of marbling, colour of the fat, colour of the meat and age of the cow. “Rubia Gallega”, meaning Galician Blond. Grass-fed happy cows. Longer life span on free roaming hills of Galicia, North-West Spain. Older cow means higher fat content resulting in more marbling and more flavour. Balance of flavour is towards a rich, deep flavour.

Red Wine

Bodegas Peñafiel Miros de Ribera Reserva 2012, Ribera del Duero. A wonderful example of what Ribera del Duero has to offer - black cherry with silky fine tannins, leaving rich smoke and black pepper flavours on the palate. Big aromatic bouquet and a hint of Toasted Wood.

Recipes & Cooking Guidelines

1kg Prime Rib: Medium Rare (bone in)

500g Rib Eye: Medium Rare (Pan)

Mangalica Pork Chop

Pluma (Iberico Shoulder) 500g (Pan)

1kg Presa (Pan)

Black Tomatoes

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